Monday, May 2, 2011

Holiday Finally Arrived =)

Don't  know what to say but all I can say is YEAAHHHOOOOOOOO !!! Seronok tak terkata bile dah habis semester ni, semester berat sangatt =) Tp atleast time final hari tu dapat gak buat sume.. Now just tunggu 10/5 jee.. Result keluar kott but cuak gak laa even tga nak berseronok lepas penat otak man nih bekerja  4 bulan non stop ehehe.. Kawan kawan sume cane ? Planning tak nak keluar gi mane mane ? Kalau tak bley man join sekaki ahahha.. Jokes kayh =) By the way , kepada ANONYMOUS @ MeLoDY , sila dedahkan diri anda kerana saya terpikir pikir siapakah anda ahahah.. Mase holiday mase utk mengusha awek gakk , single rider lah katekan ahahahah =D Okay lah sume , man tanak tulis banyak banyak , just nak wish sume Happy Holiday and Happy Labour Day.. To every workers around the world , enjoy your holiday and spent your time quality time with your loved one's.. Again , Happy Labour Day =)


  1. hai man. haha. curious right?? me and anonymous are your fans or maybe your friends. hehe. but, sorry man, we cant tell u who we are. right anonymous?? and, let us be like this. we support u silently. please, be yourself. jgn bcoz of a girl, u want to be a single rider yang "masa-holiday-masa-untuk-usha-awek". use your time wisely, there are lots of things that can give u happiness. smile and peace no war '_'vv

  2. right melody!!! u know who we are man but we won't tell... let it be a secret (woo luv mystery haha) enjoy your holiday k...jgn dok usha aweks ja, nti kmi jeles hahaha!!!!emm n good luck for your result...jgn isau, if u work hard, the result sure gonna be gempak... hwaiting!! o(-.-)o

  3. hahaha.. abg gue ade pminat.. :p geli yg amt..!!!!